Those who see Saturn's rings with their own eyes through a telescope will probably be fascinated by astronomy all their lives - at least that's what we hear quite often in the personal stories of astronomers. It's just a pity that Saturn currently lets us look at the edge of its ring. The ring, just like the rotation axis of the planet itself, is fixed in space. Therefore, in the course of a Saturn year, the axis of rotation sometimes points toward the Sun and sometimes away from it. Depending on the position of the axis we see the ring sometimes from below, sometimes from above and sometimes on its edge. A ring edge position occurs every 14 to 15 years.

Photographed from Schriesheim, Germany under Bortle 7 sky conditions

  • Category


  • Distance

    9,582 AE

  • Apparent Mag

    max. −0.55 mag

  • Equipment

    14" Meade LX 200
    DMK 21.AU.618.AS

  • Exposure

    R: 1 x 2000 images
    G: 1 x 2000 images
    B: 1 x 2000 images

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