Pleiades and the California nebula

This image shows a quite large area of the sky covering over 12 degrees. On the left you can see NGC 1499, the California Nebula. The bright red color results from hydrogen, which is ionized by the near star Xi Persei. In comparison the glow around the pleiades is due to reflections of the starlight on interstellar dust, which is quite prominent in the area around Perseus and Taurus.

Photographed from Heidelberg, Germany under Bortle 5-6 conditions.

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  • Coordinates

    RA 4h
    DEC +36°

  • Distance

    1000 ly (NGC 1499)

    444 ly (M45)

  • Apparent Mag

    5 mag (NGC 1499)

    1.6 mag (M45)

  • Equipment

    Canon 600Da
    50mm Sigma Art
    Skywatcher Star-Adventurer

  • Exposure

    RGB: 173 x 150 s

    Total Integration: 7.2 h

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